1. What is the minimum legal age to purchase a firearm in California?

a. 18 years of age for long guns

b. 21 years of age for handguns

2. What is the waiting period for firearm purchases in California?

a. 10 consecutive days beginning at the start of the DROS process and consisting of 240 hours.

3. What is the DROS process?

a. DROS (Dealer Record of Sale)is the system used by the California Department of Justice where background checks are conducted for purchasers of firearms. It’s also the method by which firearm registration information is obtained.

4. What are the additional requirements necessary for purchasing a firearm?

a. Firearm purchasers must possess a Firearm Safety Certificate (or qualifying exemption), provide evidence of residency,  and preform a Safe Handling Demonstration.

i. How does one obtain a Firearm Safety Certificate?

1. You can obtain the FSC by successfully passing the written FSC Test. The test consists of 30 questions; a passing score is 23 correct or better. The cost of the test is $25, and the FSC Card will be issued immediately following the completed test. Study booklets are available on the Department of Justice’s website, and the test may be taken during our store hours. The FSC is valid for 5 years from the date it was issued.

ii. What documents are necessary to show evidence of residency?

1. Utility bills within the last 90 days, licenses or registrations are acceptable proofs of residency that meet the CA residency requirements.

iii. What is the Safe Handling Demonstration?

1. The Safe Handling Demonstration is a set of firearm handling skills that must be performed by the purchaser with the gun they are purchasing or with a gun of the same model as the one that is being purchased. The skills include checking that the handgun is empty, unlocking it, loading it with a dummy round, unloading it, and relocking it. This demonstration is performed at the time of pick up.

5. What if the gun I am purchasing comes with a gunlock, trigger lock, or other safety device?

a. If the device that comes with your gun is on the “CA approved” list than you will not need to purchase another gunlock or cable.

6. Is there a limit to the number of firearms that a person can purchase at one time?

a. California law limits the purchase of handguns to no more than one handgun transferred from a dealer to an individual within any 30-day period. Note that firearms transferred between individuals that are transacted through dealers, (Private Party Transfers), are exempt from the one-handgun-a-month restriction.

b. California law does not limit the number of long guns purchased by one person or within any specific time period.